Mission/Vision Statement


Zenon J. Sykuta is a continuous learning community of learners, parents, and staff that builds on critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through rigor and support. Our goal is to develop college and career ready individuals who are able to compete in a global society.


The Zenon J. Sykuta School community is dedicated to providing a comprehensive educational program for our learners focusing on the developmental needs of the whole child. Our children will have access to high quality curriculum and instruction in each subject area using a variety of resources, materials and technologies. Inaddition, learners will be provided with rigorous learning experiences that will enable them to develop into college and or career ready individuals. Our staff is provided the best available professional development opportunities grounded in research-based best practices in the areas of teaching, learning, classroom management, and school improvement. We will continuously improve our community partnerships by engaging families, community members, and business leaders asadvocates, full partners, and active participants who insist on safe and excellent schools. We will provide the best possible facilities that support teaching and learning by continuing the quest for adequate and equitable funding for our schools.